F O S   P i c k l e b a l l   C l u b

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Are you looking for a fun racquet sport to play at Fountain of the Sun Community?

Pickleball is similar to tennis, except it is played on a smaller court with two to four players who use oversized ping pong-like paddles and a perforated plastic ball. If you have never played the game before, the FOS Pickleball Club (FOSPC) can get you started with lessons (seasonal), and the FOS Pickleball League can help you meet other pickleball enthusiasts to play with throughout the week.

FOS Pickleball Court

The court is located on the south side of the FOS Activity Center.  Check the reservation sheets by the court to reserve your play time in hour-long increments by writing your name in one of the open time slots on the log next to the court. During the winter league season, the times reserved for league play take precedence over individual reservations for play times. If names have a "+" behind them, that means that you can rotate into that play time by placing your paddle on the rack next to the court.

Paddles and balls are free for your use at the court. The paddles and an official Pickleball rule book are inside the plastic container by the court.

FOS Pickleball League

The winter league is from January through mid-March on Mondays through Thursdays. Level of play from beginners to advanced players are scheduled through the FOS Pickleball Club. Stop by the court during league play for more information.

To better understand the rules, please visit the following website:


If you are new to pickleball and would like to learn how to play the game, please contact Glenn Finck at


FOSPC 2020-2021 Board Members

President - Caroline Campbell

Vice President - Dianne Ornberg

Treasurer - Dave Christiansen

Secretary - Dianne Morrison

Volunteers Needed For Pickleball Fundraising

Check back early fall for late fall and winter fundraising dates for FOSPC.

For more information about the game of Pickleball, go to usapa.org.


Members and non-members who would like to support the installation of two more  pickleball courts at FOS are asked to please complete the form at the link below:


Membership in FOS Pickleball Club (FOSPC)

Members receive updates about meetings, league play, fundraisers, rules and regulations, special offers, playing tips and much more to their email addresses. Please contact either Caroline Campbell ([email protected])  or Dianne Ornberg ([email protected]) for more information.

FOSPC Meetings

Check back early fall for scheduled meetings.

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